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 Water privatisation


Britain continues to use aid money to dogmatically push the interests of big business at the expense of people. It is a scandal that an energy-rich country such as Nigeria cannot provide access to this resource for its people. The only solution is a democratic one.

Britain’s government is yet again using aid to advance corporate interests above human need in developing countries, writes NICK DEARDEN




Free the Seeds Campaign


This morning (23rd March 2015) we were protesting outside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, over their secretive meeting in London to extend the power of corporate agribusiness across African countries.

When big agribusiness teams up with international aid organisations to corner the market on seeds, everyone loses.


Food Campaign

The food system is responsible for around 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Moving to a system of small-scale climate-friendly farming would drastically reduce these emissions and provide numerous co-benefits into the bargain. We talked agroecology with Climate Radio.

Ethical banking

The richest 80 people own almost as much wealth as half the world’s population. At the heart of such injustice lies the financial sector. By investing in profit, not people, it allows the power of big businesses to grow and privatisation to advance.

Supported by the banks, large corporations have taken resources out of the hands of millions of people, making essential items such as food, water and energy inaccessible.

Ethical bank Triodos only lends its savers’ money to projects which benefit people or the environment, such as organic food production, renewable energy and fair trade enterprises. Triodos will donate £40 to Global Justice Now when you open a savings account with them, with £100 or more, using the link below.

Save and support – save ethically and support the Global Justice Now (formerly the World Development Movement)

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