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Global Justice Oxford relaunch event

Written by oxford on March 11, 2015 – 9:51 pm -

Nick Dearden speakingClimate change, capitalism and citizen power were just a few of the things discussed at last night’s Global Justice Oxford relaunch. Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, travelled from London to help us celebrate.

Why the relaunch? We used to be known as WDM (World Development Movement) but in recent years it’s become clear that the meaning of the word “development” has changed to the point where it actually describes the kind of approach we’re fighting against.

So WDM polled members around the country, consulted all the local groups (like ours) which form such an important part of the organisation, then took a democratic decision to change the organisation’s name to Global Justice Now in January 2015. Local groups have renamed themselves on the same pattern and have been holding relaunch events up and down the country to celebrate the change.

It was cheering to see a healthy turnout for our event – surely they weren’t all motivated by the delicious cake on offer! – and so much engagement with the issues. We talked about corporate takeover of global resources, alternative models for energy generation, higher education, the Greek economy and more.

We showed three films to give some context about our campaigns. If you missed the event, you can watch the (short) fims on YouTube..

How our banks finance climate change (4mins)

The story we’re told is that there’s no money to fight climate change… but apparently there’s plenty of money spare for causing climate change?

Naomi Klein Says Climate Activists Need to Get Comfortable Attacking Capitalism (8 mins)

Interview with the author and activist, whose Oxford book launch sold out the Sheldonian Theatre last autumn.

IBEKA, micro hydro power in Indonesia

Energy doesn’t have to be corporate-owned, environmentally damaging and expensive. The IBEKA story presents a positive alternative to the “Big Energy” model.

A consistent theme in everything we talked about was the idea of challenging the narrative: not accepting the stories we’re told about how the world does and should work, but coming up with our own stories. One great example is the dreaded Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (better known as TTIP) which might have been accepted as a broadly positive trade deal if there hadn’t been such a well-orchestrated campaign against it. Global Justice Now has been working in collaboration with other organisations to expose the truth of TTIP at national and European level; meanwhile, at a local level, several of the campaigners from Global Justice Oxford have been working with Oxfordshire campaigners from other groups such as 38 Degrees.

We had to bring the fruitful discussion to an end when time ran out, but we hope to see some of the people who came last night at our next “regular” meeting on Tuesday 14th April.

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Come to our next meeting

Written by oxford on March 11, 2015 – 9:21 pm -

If you were inspired by our speaker meeting in March, perhaps you’d  like to come to a “regular” meeting of Global Justice Oxford. Newcomers are always welcome and it’s a chance to get to know us in a slightly more relaxed setting.

Where? Oxford Town Hall

When? Tuesday 14th April

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month and usually happen at Oxford Town Hall. We always do our best to book a wheelchair-accessible room.




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Time to Act London march: coach seats available

Written by oxford on March 1, 2015 – 9:00 pm -

On Saturday 7th March there will be a huge march against climate change taking place in London. There is a coach going from Oxford (picking up in central Oxford and Headington) with seats priced at only £6. At the time of writing there are still seats left.

Book a place on the coach

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Global Justice Oxford relaunch event!

Written by oxford on March 1, 2015 – 8:47 pm -

Global Justice Oxford is relaunching! To celebrate our name change from Oxford WDM, we are holding a relaunch event in Oxford. It’s one of many Global Justice Now relaunches happening all over the country as local groups look forward to campaigning with a new identity. Entry is free and everybody is welcome – you don’t have to be a supporter of our organisation.

picture of Global Justice Now director Nick DeardenDirector of Global Justice Now comes to Oxford

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, is coming to Oxford to speak at our event. If you don’t know much about Global Justice Now – or perhaps you’ve never even heard of us – Nick’s talk will be an accessible introduction to who we are, what we do and why it matters.

Three super-short films

To give a bit of context about our campaigns, we’ll be showing three very short but thought-provoking films.

  • How our banks finance climate change
  • Interview with Naomi Klein
  • Micro-hydro: a positive alternative to Big Energy

Please tell your friends!

The Long Room at Oxford Town Hall holds up to 50 people. We’d like to get as many people along as possible on the night. Please share this blog post far and wide so people know about our event!

When? Tuesday 10th March, 7:30pm

Where? The Long Room, Oxford Town Hall

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International Day of Action against TTIP

Written by oxford on February 28, 2015 – 9:35 pm -

Why should corporations have the right to sue governments for making decisions that damage their profits? Under TTIP, this could be a reality. Cigarette companies suing governments for bringing in plain tobacco packaging, energy companies suing governments for phasing out nuclear power…this kind of thing has already happened under similar trade deals elsewhere in the world. Saturday 18th April will be an international day of action against TTIP and other damaging trade deals. Details to be confirmed.

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Come to our next meeting

Written by oxford on February 9, 2015 – 8:07 pm -

We’re meeting at 7:30pm tomorrow (Tuesday 10th February) in a wheelchair-accessible room at Oxford Town Hall. As ever, non-members are welcome to come along and learn a little more about us.

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Farming on YouTube

Written by oxford on February 3, 2015 – 10:00 am -

The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2015 (ORFC15) took place in January. Presentations from the event are now available as videos on YouTube: Oxford Real Farming Conference 2015 videos

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Time to Act: public meeting

Written by oxford on February 2, 2015 – 5:00 pm -

Come to the Long Room at Oxford Town Hall on 5th February to hear Natalie Bennett of the Green Party and other speakers discuss the urgency of action on climate change.  This event is organised by Oxford Campaign Against Climate Change.

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Global Divestment Days

Written by oxford on February 2, 2015 – 4:00 pm -

Friday 13th and Saturday 14th February will be marked as Global Divestment Days.

What is divestment anyway?

Divestment is a simple idea: you stop investing in fossil fuel extraction. Many otherwise ethical organisations have a history of funding the climate crisis through investment in fossil fuel companies. That’s no longer acceptable now that the link between fossil fuels and climate change has been proved beyond doubt. But big organisations are slow to change; hence the massive global divestment movement, because we don’t have time to keep funding climate chaos.

What’s going on in Oxfordshire?

On Global Divestment Day there will be a rally in Bonn Square at 1pm, preceded by demonstrations from the different groups involved in the campaign. There will also apparently be a flashmob in the city centre.

Any progress yet?

Good: the Church of England is already on board. Oxford Diocese, who recently passed a motion in support of divestment from fossil fuels.

Bad: Oxfordshire County Council still has pension funds invested in fossil fuels. There’s a petition asking the county council to divest, which will be handed over on Friday 13th as part of the celebrations.

I want to know more!

Email with any questions!

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National conference: Take Back Our World (London)

Written by oxford on February 2, 2015 – 10:00 am -

WDM will hold a special national conference in London on Saturday 21st February 2015 to mark the relaunch of WDM as Global Justice Now. The theme will be Take Back Our World and it will be held at Rich Mix in London.

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