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The Trump-monster in Glasgow

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22308798_1687781564627503_8860345322910113714_nThe nightmare-ish monster that is currently masquerading as the President of the USA turned up at the SNP conference in Glasgow on Monday. Fortunately we were there too, to make sure that delegates to the conference were well aware of the dangers of a US-UK trade deal – it could destroy our environmental protections, workers rights and public health legislation, just as TTIP threatened. And the UK Government is busy negotiating trade deals without any involvement of the devolved administrations. There was definitely a warm reception from SNP conference attendees (for us, not for Trump) – let’s hope the UK Government starts to listen too!

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Amnesty Glasgow welcome all at GoMA

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Paddington’s adventures continue throughout Glasgow as this weekend he attended the Amnesty International photo exhibition, ‘I Welcome’ at the Gallery of Modern Art. The main exhibition hall was host to a powerful and moving collection of photography highlighting the multitude of issues and human stories that surround every number, every statistic we hear about migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.


With a performance of the Asylum Monologues, an exploration of the UK asylum system in the words of people who have experienced it, you can’t help but question your own identity in relation to your country – what it means to be migrant, what it means to be British and what consequences that has for those who aren’t.


An excellent event organised by Amnesty International Glasgow West, we were lucky to join up with Refuweegee, Refugee Survival Trust and the British Red Cross to help challenge the harmful narratives around migrants pervading the media in spite of the overwhelming difficulties encountered by those suffering through no fault of their own.

If you haven’t already, make sure to tell Marks and Spencer’s CEO to stop advertising in the Daily Mail and pull its funding from the newspaper’s nasty and untruthful stories.  

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I Welcome exhibition

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I welcome exhibition posterOur friends in Glasgow West Amnesty are putting on the remarkable ‘I Welcome’ exhibition at GOMA this weekend. We’ll have a stall as part of the event, with info about our migration campaign, alongside other organisations working on migration and refugee issues. And Paddington should be dropping in on Saturday too!

Sat 5th and Sun 6th August, 11am-5pm

GOMA, Royal Exchange Square

Drop in any time to see the exhibition and find out more…

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Paddington visits Dungavel

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At the end of June, we joined the annual solidarity gathering at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre (also known as ‘Scotland’s Shame’ or ‘The Monster of the Glen’), along with friends from Global Justice Ayrshire, Hope not Hate and Justice and Peace Scotland…not to mention a certain migrant from darkest Peru. This wee film explains why we were there – people shouldn’t be locked up just for trying to seek refuge in the UK. And even more – they shouldn’t be locked up indefinitely #time4atimelimit.

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Glasgow Mela

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Last Sunday the Glasgow Mela descended upon Kelvingrove Park. A veritable feast for the soul (and the stomach), it brings together a variety of cultures from around our pale blue dot with an astonishing assortments of food, drinks, music, art, crafts, dance and so much more. Kelvingrove Park, looking as resplendent as always against the backdrop of the Kelvingrove Museum and Glasgow University’s majestic architecture, was host to tens of thousands of people all there to enjoy the rich and diverse tapestry of world cultures on display. Mela comes from the Sanskrit for ‘to meet’, which people certainly did do in large numbers, an estimated 40,000.

Paddington Bear at Glasgow Mela

Amidst this celebration of multiculturalism, the perfect closer for the Scottish Refugee Festival, it was the perfect day for Global Justice Glasgow to set up shop for our Migration campaign. Amidst the lush, labyrinthine walkways of the park, our stall found itself in the middle of an eclectic mix of other organisations ranging from a theatre and a car rental company one side to a foster care charity and the navy on the other. Activists from all around Glasgow arrived to provide help and support over the course of the day – all of which helped to reach more people.

The star of the day and the main attraction was our good friend from deepest darkest Peru, Paddington Bear! Paddington is the perfect symbol for challenging the negative media narratives around the topic of Migration. Adored by kids and adults alike, he found it difficult to move around the Mela without being stopped every metre for a hug or a photograph from an excited fan.


Connecting with people in this way meant a lot more people came to our stall, asked questions, took badges, stickers and information on our Migration campaign. We were also joined by friends from Refuweegee, Refugee Survival Trust and Scottish Detainee Visitors (Check out their recent action at Dungavel here) who supported us throughout the day and informed visitors of the amazing work they do with refugees around Glasgow. Visit their websites to learn more about what they do and how you can get involved. 

In typical Glasgow fashion, we did get a downpour at somer points throughout the day but it did precious little to hinder the festivities which continued throughout the day in full furore. Across multiple stages, there were stellar performances from Indian, Chinese and local dance groups accompanied by music equally as astounding. The food on the day allowed you to taste your way around the world with expertly made authentic dishes to spice up your life like chana chaat and lamb bhuna or bring you a little sweetness with mouth-watering kulfi and falooda. For the first time, there was a ‘crafts village’ with workshops and demonstrations showing off the multitude of skills used to create beautiful and ornate artistic pieces.

The conversations at the stall that day were wide ranging and informative. We had people sign up for more information, asking how to get involved and sharing their own experiences with migrants and refugees in Glasgow or even their own personal story of migration and their experiences as a refugee in the city. One topic that came up time and time again is the question: “Who is a migrant?”. This prompted everyone to look back into their own family and history and realise that most of us are migrants is one sense or another.


With Brexit due to move full steam ahead and the Great Repeal Bill looming over the horizon, it is set to affect climate change, health and safety standards, food standards, workers rights, human rights and, of course, the right to free movement. Now more than ever, we need to defend this right and ensure it is upheld for all, wherever they’re from. As complex and challenging as the issue is, it is only made worse by the simplifying, misinformed and toxic coverage of it by the some parts of the media. To this end, if you haven’t already, make sure to email the CEO of Marks and Spencers to stop advertising in the Daily Mail and put a stop to their support of misleading and poisonous rhetoric around Migration.

To find out more about Global Justice Glasgow, sign up to our newsletter in the sidebar, like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter.

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Paddington comes to Glasgow…

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Paddington George Square for webWe’ve been delighted to spend some time with Paddington, during the Scottish Refugee Festival. He’s come all the way from Peru to spread the message the migration is not a crime and that people shouldn’t be locked up or criminalised just for trying to move from one country to another. He joined us for a marvellous screening at the CCA, along with our friends from the Scottish Refugee Council and Refugee Survival Trust. And he’s going to come along to Glasgow Mela too!

Glasgow Mela, Sunday 2nd July, 12-8pm, Kelvingrove Park

Come and see us on our stall if you’re in the area. Say hello to Paddington, find out more about our campaign to shift the debate on migration, and you can even write your own welcome message to a new arrival with our friends from Refuweegee. After all, People Make Glasgow…wherever they’re coming fae!

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