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Jest(er) leave it in the ground

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Could you join an April Fool’s Day demonstration

outside Barclays Bank, Broad Street, Reading?

Could you join our April Fool’s Day demonstration at 11am 1st April, outside Barclays Bank, Broad Street, Reading?

Following our meeting ,”Change Climate Finance’, we will be asking the banks to stop investing in fossil fuels and increase their investments in renewables. April Fools’ day seems a good day for the action because the banks are being foolish in investing in coal and oil that can never be used if we are to keep Global Warming below 2 degrees.

It would be great if you could wear colourful clothing and anything that would fit in with the jesters theme. Please arrive at 10.45am so we can be ready for the photo at 11am. JackieJester

Change Climate Finance: Wed 8 March, RISC, 730 pm

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On Wednesday 8th March, at 7.30pm, at RISC, we will be holding a joint meeting with Friends of the Earth, Reading entitled, Change Climate Finance’.

Siobhan Grimes, from Christian Aid, will talk about a campaign to get banks to support clean energy and abandon fossil fuels.

At present, banks invest much more money in mining for coal and drilling for oil than in renewables. We will learn how we can encourage them to shift money towards investing in clean, renewable energy and being part of the solution to climate change.

CC pollution

Precarious Trajectories film: Monday 20 March, 7.30 pm, RISC

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Monday 20 March, 7.30pm we will be screening ‘Precarious Trajectories: voices from the Mediterranean migration crisis’ in conjunction with the World Film Club.


The film gives voice to some of the refugees that have undertaken this perilous crossing in order to arrive at what they hope will be the safer shores of Europe. Ruha from Syria and Ahmed from Somalia share their stories. The film is set on location in Libya, Italy and Greece during 2015 – 2016.


We are very lucky that Dr Simon Parker, who directed the film, has agreed to be with us so we can ask him questions and share in discussion after the film.




International Day of Action against CETA

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Saturday Jan 21, 10 am – 12 noon, Broad Street, Reading, near M&S

Campaigning against CETA, Canada & Europe trade deal. It gives corporations the right to sue our government if their profits are interfered with. It will affect environmental protection, workers’right, public servies (including NHS, health care, and more. All help welcome.

Having difficult conversations about migration

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Saturday January 28th

10 – 4pm

Friends Meeting House Reading

2 Church Street Reading RG1 2SB

Debates about migration can be uncomfortable, upsetting or angry. Learn how to have more constructive conversations in this participatory workshop which will be led by experienced organisers from HOPE not Hate. The session will focus on:

  • how to listen and question effectively,
  • how to use stories to effectively persuade people
  • how to create spaces for more constructive communication around difficult issues.

Organised by HOPE not Hate and Global Justice Now in partnership with Reading Refugee Support Group and Reading City of Sanctuary.

For more information:


Jackie Oversby

World Social Forum 31st January

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WSFAlan Mawer: World Social Forum in Montreal, Quaker Meeting House, Reading from 7.30pm – 9.30pm on Tuesday 31st January 2017. The goal of the WSF 2016, 9-14 August 2016. was to gather tens of thousands of people from groups in civil society, organizations and social movements who want to build a sustainable and inclusive world, where every person and every people has its place and can make its voice heard. The festival of events and activities was the topic of Alan’s talk. It reminded us that the issues we deal with are international.

CETA: raising awareness Caversham 13 Nov 16

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Jackie, Carol, Chris and John campaigned outside Waitrose in Caversham, Reading, on Sunday 13th November on blocking CETA. We had some considerable support from members of the public, some of whom thought it had been stopped by the Wolloonians in Belgium. It is not over yet. CETA still has to pass the hurdles of the EU Parliament, and national Parliaments. It is worth continuing to campaign against the unbridled face of corporatism, and its progress to subvert democracy through the litigation in secret courts.

Complex Causes of Poverty 30th November

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The Complex Causes of Poverty

30th November: Mariana Swann, a member of our group, who recently published an autobiographical novel, ‘Pachamama – Mother Earth, the story of three generations of a Bolivian Family’ spoke to us about growing up in Bolivia. She told us about some of her research into world history that has affected her beloved country and its people. She discussed why, when Bolivia is blessed with such an abundance of natural mineral wealth, it is still such a poor country. Mariana’s talk was followed by an interesting time of questions and discussion.


Wed 26th October, Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs)

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Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs)

On Wednesday 26th October, 45 people became increasingly dismayed and angry by the talk ‘How Companies Sue States’ given by Claire Provost, investigative journalist

In 2009 a multinational mining company sued the Salvadoran Government, not just for the money that it had spent prospecting but also for money it said it might receive in profits if the operation was successful! At one point, the total ISDS claim was over $300m.

The company eventually lost the case, but that didn’t mean that El Salvador had won. Even though the company was eventually ordered to pay $8million dollars towards the country’s legal costs, El Salvador had spent $12 million, as well as time and trouble, fighting the case. Claire said, “In these types of cases there no winners, only losers.”



Reading Town Meal Forbury Gardens 1st October

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Town Meal 1

Global Justice Reading had a stall at Reading Town Meal in Forbury Gardens, Reading on 1st October 2016. . Our Lucky Dip proved to be a great attaraction for families who joined in by answering some simple questions about CETA. It was a lovely day with the expected rain there only at the start and end. It was a very positive event. Thanks for those helpers who worked so hard all day.

What is Reading Town Meal?

The biggest “picnic in the park” that Reading has ever seen will return to Forbury Gardens on Saturday 1 October and you are invited to this fantastic celebration of local sustainable food.

Town Meal 2


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    On Saturday 1st April, outside Barclays Bank, Broad Street, Reading, meet at 10.45 "Jest(er) leave it in the ground" demonstration at 11am.