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Putting people before profit – Building a new global economy

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The global economy is lurching from crisis to crisis. We have rising levels of inequality . As a reaction to this, racism and nationalism are growing. This meeting with the Director of Global Justice Now, Nick Deardon, will explore the alternatives to a world of free markets and corporate controlled trade – one that puts people at the centre of global society.

25th October 7.30 pm at RISC

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Five reasons to fear the Great Repeal Bill

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Sam Fowles gave us an excellent talk on Wednesday about ‘The Great Repeal Bill’ that has been in the news this week. He explained to us how this bill will make it possible for the government to use ‘Henry VIII’ powers to make or break laws without going through the House of Commons; it will give them broader powers, exercised with less accountability, than any peacetime administration within living memory. If you would like to write to your MP to express your concern, you can find their contact details at ‘Find my MP’ on your computer. Even if you send a short note it will get noticed if a number of us send something! Also, It is quite easy to get a letter published in the Reading Chronicle if you give it a local angle. If you are more ambitious, try the national press! We need to show journalists and politicians that people are concerned about this topic and that there is need to take it seriously.

For more information look at Sam Fowles’s articles in the Guardian or on the ‘Another Europe is Possible’ website.

Sam Sep 6Sam audience


7.30pm Wednesday 6th September

RISC, 35 – 39 London Street, Reading RG1 4PS

More info Jackie Oversby: 07745310794 /

Corporates – Saints or Devils: 5th July

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‘Corporates – Saints or Sinners’, our last meeting, provided a startling insight into why corporates behave the way they do. We started by playing an updated version of Corporate Monopoly. Then I gave a talk based on the book, ‘The Corporation. The Pathological pursuit of Profit and Power’ by Joel Bakan. I thoroughly recommend the book. It is a relatively easy read. You can also watch the film of it at:

You can borrow the new Corporate Monopoly game from Jackie. Also, last year’s version of Corporate Monopoly is still available on the website at: .  It is well worth looking at if you haven’t seen it before.


Global Justice Now AGM, Bristol

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Saturday 10th June: Global Justice Now’s National Gathering and AGM in Bristol.


This featured external speakers from Attac and other groups and an opportunity was a first opportunity to come together and discuss. Jackie and John found the event liberating and very stimulating.


Future stall

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  • Saturday 5th August 11 – 3pm Earley Green Fair.

Help at this stall if you can. Let Jackie  know as soon as possible (


Divestment Mobilisation

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Today, 6.5.17, we joined the Global Divestment Mobilisation. We had a stall in Broad Street near Lloyds Bank and HSBC. Nearly 200 people have signed our petition asking the banks to go #FossilFree


BeanPole Day 22 April 2017

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Beanpole1Beanpole2BeanPole Day, at Caversham Court, Reading, is usually a successful occasion, swarming with fellow travellers committed to the environment and this year’s event was no different. Dressed as jesters, which attracted attention, Jackie and John plied visitors and stall holders with the Big Shift petition calling for the Big Banks to invest customers’ money in renewables, not fossil fuels. Many were more than willing to sign. The argument that fossil fuels were now stranded assets in the light of the Paris Agreement convinced waverers. We were pleasantly suprised by those who had heard that during the previous day, no UK electricity had been generated by coal. It may be rather slow but we are making valuable progress. Grateful thanks to our helpers for taking over the stall for a while.

Jest(er) leave it in the ground

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Global Justice Reading’s April Fool’s Day demonstration

outside Barclays Bank, Broad Street, Reading

We met for our April Fool’s Day demonstration at 11am 1st April, outside Barclays Bank, Broad Street, Reading?

Following our meeting ,”Change Climate Finance’, we asked four banks to stop investing in fossil fuels and increase their investments in renewables. April Fools’ day seemed a good day for the action because the banks are being foolish in investing in coal and oil that can never be used if we are to keep Global Warming below 2 degrees. And so it was

We targeted Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, and RBS branches in the middle of Reading. Jackie handed over letters to bank staff, and one to be forwarded to the CEO explaining how continuing to invest in fossil fuel extraction, rather than renewables, left bank customers exposed to ‘stranded assets’ that could have no value if the Paris Climate agreement to keep temperature increases below 2 deg C was to be achieved. We received some positive responses, and we hope for change in investment policies in the near future.

So, the event, well organised by Jackie, worked smoothly, with around 20 supporters and activists on parade. A great success on the day, with potential for future action.P2



Change Climate Finance: Wed 8 March, RISC, 730 pm

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On Wednesday 8th March, at 7.30pm, at RISC, we held a joint meeting with Friends of the Earth, Reading entitled, Change Climate Finance’.

Siobhan Grimes, from Christian Aid, talked about a campaign to get banks to support clean energy and abandon fossil fuels.

At present, banks invest much more money in mining for coal and drilling for oil than in renewables. We learned how we could encourage them to shift money towards investing in clean, renewable energy and being part of the solution to climate change.

CC pollution

Precarious Trajectories film: Monday 20 March, 7.30 pm, RISC

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Monday 20 March, 7.30pm we screened ‘Precarious Trajectories: voices from the Mediterranean migration crisis’ in conjunction with the World Film Club.


The film gave voice to some of the refugees that have undertaken this perilous crossing in order to arrive at what they hoped would be the safer shores of Europe. Ruha from Syria and Ahmed from Somalia shared their stories. The film was set on location in Libya, Italy and Greece during 2015 – 2016.


We are very lucky that Dr Simon Parker, who directed the film, was with us so we asked him questions and shared in discussion after the film.




  • Contact


    Jackie Oversby

    Future stall:
    Reading Town Meal, Saturday 30th September, 10.30 am
    Future meetings:
    Wednesday 25th October, 7.30 pm 'Putting people before profit - Building a new global economy' by Nick Dearden. Nick is Director of UK Global Justice Now. He is an inspiring and insightful speaker and we are very lucky that he has agreed to come to Reading. Put the date in your diary now!! The talk and question time will be followed by a light buffet.
    Wednesday 1st November, 7.30 pm 'Sick of Corporate Greed' by Sibongile Tshabalala of the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa. Taking the pharmaceutical industry to account.