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Speaker tour: Monsanto on trial

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Photos and testimony from the battle against global food corporations

Venue: Woodhouse Community Centre, 197 Woodhouse street, Leeds, LS6 2NY
Where: 18:30 Monday 10 October

This October, seed and pesticide corporation Monsanto is facing an international court in The Hague. While this is just a symbolic people’s court, the witnesses and judges are real. Witnesses from across the globe have been called because they have suffered human rights abuses, threats to their communities and destruction of their environment.

Come and hear from one of these witnesses, Farida Akhter, who is touring around the UK before travelling to the Hague for the tribunal. Farida is a Bangladeshi economist and founder of biggest collection of community seed banks in the world.

 Global Justice Now has commissioned photo journalist Jordi Cirera to create a photo exhibition by visiting some of these witnesses in India and Bangladesh. His photos tell the stories of farmers who are fighting Monsanto to work out an alternative model of farming.

2016 Meetings

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Global Justice Leeds is not meeting in April 2016.

We will post details of future events when these are agreed.

Please also investigate Global Justice Bradford or Global Justice Calderdale, for details of Global Justice Now activities in West Yorkshire



Dangerous Delusions,

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7 pm 20th January 2016 Leeds Civic Hall.

The Poor are Getting Richer (?)

based on the Global Justice Now Report:

A Discussion:  All Welcome 

Global Justice Leeds Meeting Wednesday 16th September 2015

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The next Global Justice Leeds Meeting will be at:

7 pm Wednesday 16th September

Leeds Civic Hall


To discuss:

  • Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement: meeting in Leeds on 3rd November.
  • TTIP latest.
  • Campaign latest.
  • Feedback and plans for Meeting MPs.
  • What is Global Justice?


Previous Event: Meeting on 15th July 2015 Geoff Tansey

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Wednesday 15th July in Leeds Civic Hall at 7:00pm.
Geoff Tansey  will be speaking on:
“Food, Global Justice and the UK”.
Geoff is  an honorary research fellow in the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University and at the Centre for Rural Economy, Newcastle University. In the late 1980s / early 1990s he was an honorary visiting fellow at the Food Policy Research Unit at the University of Bradford. 
From 1996-99, he was honorary visiting professor of food policy at Leeds Metropolitan University.
He has co-written or co-edited including The Food System: a guide (with Tony Worsley) and the  The future control of food– A guide to international negotiations and rules on intellectual property, biodiversity and food security.

Global Justice Leeds protesting against TTIP 2014

No TTIP Trail October 2014 No TTIP Trail October 2014

IMG_9598 10687190_859564590729184_4896540197686948853_n



Previous Event: Voices of Transition Wednesday 18th March

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On Wednesday 18th March Global Justice Leeds showed the  film Voices of Transition at Leeds Civic Hall

“By focusing on immediate profit and ignoring millennia of experience in agronomy,  agroindustry is responsible for the unprecedented erosion of soils now occurring around the world. Add climate change and dwindling natural resources to the picture, and it would appear that even societies in the Global North are no longer safe from famines. Voices of Transition is a film which is optimistic but clear-sighted. It makes clear that these current and impending crises are, in fact, positive challenges!”
The film included
Interview from DVD with Rob Hopkins of Transition Network
 Voices in Transition http://voicesoftransition
We recommend the film to all and hope there can be further showings.



Related Events

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P1040445Leeds WDM at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival 2014The Leeds WDM Group again ran a stall at the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival. This year we asked about connections with Africa and highlighted the current WDM campaign on the Corporate Takeover of Africa.

 WDM stall highlighting Africa and current government policy


In previous years we have highlighted the dangers of speculation in commodities including food:

P1030413-150x150[1]  P1020606  Leeds WDM at Chapel Allerton Fayre 2011

Leeds WDM stalls: The Speculation Race 2013, Gambling on Food 2012 and Send a Message 2011.








Welcome to Global Justice Leeds

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Welcome to our  website. Here we will update you on news and events on what’s happening locally with the Global Justice Leeds.

We aim to support, promote and engage in the campaigns of Global Justice Now.  We believe the inequalities in the world are important but are  the result of the choices of the powerful rather than being part of a fixed economic rule-or mind-set.   We have shown films, organised public events and hustings and attracted speakers.  We are always looking new supporters and new groups to meet.


Our current contact is


For the moment why not have a watch of The Real George Osborne, a 14-part comedy mini-series commissioned by our predecessor organisation WDM to raise awareness about food speculation.

YouTube Preview Image