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Posted by on 23 August 2010 at 9:11 am

Welcome to Cardiff World Development Movement Group, which is a local group of the UK national World Development Movement (WDM). The Cardiff WDM Group campaigns across South East Wales, lobbying politicians, organising public meetings and holding stalls to engage the public on development issues. See about for further information about the Cardiff group.



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  • paul davies

    I can’t make tonights meeting, please could you advise date/time next one.


  • Stephen Pennells

    An exceptionally interesting meeting: two groups working together,  a brain-stretching topic, and seeing a politician working and appearing disconcertingly frank (at one point saying to an assistant “OK, I don’t know what you are talking about!”  Would that more parliamentarians were as honest. 

    When we rapidly hit a question from him we couldn’t ask his fingers started dancing and he was ringing round Bruxelles (for answers).  He was favourably impressed when he saw the business endorsement for regulation- if the NFU in Scotland and Paul Polman CEO of Unilever are in favour he felt it must merit consideration.  However he overtly turned to a LD MEP colleague Sharon Bowles who is giving a lead and working with Olle Schmidt (a Swedish Liberal MEP) for the party line and the guidance emailed him consisted of both WDM’s report and a Barclay’s Capital document Commodity Cross Currents: Commodity regulation: Uncertainty rules.

    CD said he hadn’t been lobbied by anyone else but it seemed to me that there is real antipathy to the clarity of “Limits” and a preference for “Controls”.  This is reflected in his comment: “The market on the whole is better that the alternative- governments are remarkably bad at trying to fix things and second guess the laws of supply and demand.  But the markets need to be regulated.”

    As the EP works with consensus rather than tit-for-tat point-scoring with which we are so familiar he is not likely to object to a policy simply because another group supports it.  Although CD makes no bones about being Liberal in outlook the EU’s Precautionary principle could be important here.  If there is a risk of harm being done, the safer path should be followed. 

    The EU can be depicted as a rich (man’s) club and it certainly has a number of problems on its plate.  Effective regulation to limit the speculation which harms its citizens, farmers, and producers as well as the poorer billions who feel the swings of unbridled uncertainty is a worthy cause and just the sort of area where selfish sovereign governments with limited vision drag their feet.  This is an area where his EP group can “punch above their weight” for the poor rather than side with laissez-faire irresponsibility.  I hope they do!

    CD is the EU lead on Carbon Capture and Storage and spoke of the need for this as a stop gap in a real world where China et al are developing dirty coal power generation.  He’s also not been afraid to stick his neck out with the domestic party on Tar Sands- see or  

  • Gill

    Good luck this evening – I work in Bromley Town Centre & I am interested to hear of the new group.

  • Barry

     Hi Gill,

    Thanks for the support.

    We’d love to see you at one of our meetings. Feel free to pop along. No obligation to join, we can just have a drink and a chat.

    Alternatively, drop me an email at the @hotmail:disqus address above and I can try and answer any questions you have about us and what we’re planning.


  • Maggie Mason

    Hi to all – South Lakeland WDM group is alive and well and would be delighted to get contact from anyone in the area interested in keeping the WDM message in the public eye in Kendal and surrounding areas. We have just decided to change our meeting day to the 3rd Thursday of the month, still in the Castle St Comunity Centre.
    Andy Mason has agreed to be chair, as we have been “chairless” for a few years.  
    I hope we can get our centrally provided website up and running soon – otherwise the group contact is

  • Freedom Talk Radio

    London M25 Motorway Advance travel delays warning as Families Stage a rolling roadblock on the M25 like the truckers and fuel protesters did. July 24th London South Mims Services 10am NO NEED TO BRING A CAR HITCH A LIFT


    Please read below then share on your websites blogs write to your MPs the police and businesses.

    Mums Dads Grandparents and Children marching for justice.

    The Parents Join Forces No more child kidnapping by the uk social services

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Mums Dads Grandparents and Children marching for justice.

    Imagine the scenes, if all major highway networks throughout the UK were blockaded by thousands of motorists on the 24th of July. You didn’t need much time to organize the petrol blockades did you? Organizing something like this is just as doable. All major motorways and A roads are blocked. How many long distance lorry drivers do you know that have had their children stolen by the state? Start talking to them now and ask them to apply the same tactics as in the fuel crisis back in 2000. If we are to get the Governments attention and I mean full attention, then we must demonstrate how much power we do have. Thoughts please.

    Britain’s Abused And Stolen Children Need You To speak out

    This little girl Below is asking for help WHY should a child have to beg You adults for help we the families should be in our thousands on the 24th July 2014 at the M25 Blockade to support all of the children “screaming to be heard” who are “the silent witnesses” in the care system we have 10.000 kids running away from abuse of the system are they running back home NO because many kids in care are told my the system YOUR families do not want you and I Maggie Tuttle know this to be true after interviewing in the early hours of the mornings the homeless kids living on the streets of London begging and for many who are picked up and trafficked prostituted murdered their little bodies sold for science paedophiles abusing them. Only we the Nation and families who have lost children can put a stop to the abuse and to the multibillion pound Child industry which states ahhaha “IN A CHILD’S BEST INTEREST” I hope to see you all on the 24th July 2014.


  • Next meeting

    Campaign Planning Meeting
    Tuesday 3rd March 2015
    at 340 North Road,
    CF14 3BP

    call Clint 029 20693817

  • Come and meet us

    Re Launch as Global Justice Now Wednesday 18th February 2015 Chapter Arts Centre, Market Street, Cardiff CF5 1QE 7 - 9pm - Free Reception with Nick Dearden, Director Global Justice Now and Luciana Ghiotto, Attac Argentina